What we cover:
In return for the premium paid, we will provide cover for your glasses during the period of cover set out in the Product Disclosure Document and the exclusions set out below. The maximum amount we will pay is the invoice cost of your glasses inclusive of GST.
We will cover accidental damage, vandalism or theft of your glasses during the period of cover by paying for:
· repair costs if your glasses are damaged as a result of accidental damage or vandalism; or
· replacing your glasses with an identical pair of glasses in the event:

– that your glasses cannot be repaired; or
– of theft;

· repairs that are not already covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, unless otherwise excluded under this Policy.

Should an identical pair of glasses not be available, we will at our sole discretion, replace them with a pair of glasses of comparable specification or prescription up to the same value as your glasses.

In the event of accidental damage, vandalism or theft, the cover we provide includes:
· Refitting of lenses to your glasses, in the event of a lens/lenses becoming separated from your glasses; and
· Worldwide cover up to sixty (60) days in any one trip or journey away from your usual place of residence.

If your glasses were purchased as part of a second pair promotion, we will only provide cover for the second pair if you have purchased two (2) Clarity 20/20 Peace of Mind eyewear covers. Your second pair on a second pair promotion will be covered for repair or replacement up to the amount shown on the invoice for those glasses.