The benefits of the Clarity 20/20 Eyewear Policy:

Protection against accidental damage
If you have an accident resulting in damage to your glasses, simply return them to your local practice and we will repair or replace them.

Cover for:

• Unlimited amount of repairs to your frame or lens
• Rectification and repair of your damaged glasses frame, equal to or exceeding that of their original specification.
• Re-fitting of your lenses to your glasses, in the event of a lens/ lenses becoming separated from your frame.
• Repairing or replacing your lenses to the original prescription in the event of damage.

One full replacement
If your glasses are damaged beyond repair, or are stolen or vandalized we will provide you with a complete replacement.

Travel cover
Includes world-wide cover for up to sixty (60) days in any one trip.

Where to go for your repair
No need to get several quotes, simply return to your practice.

Money-back guarantee
Simply return to the store you purchased this eyewear policy from with the cover certificate and the original till receipt within 14 days of collection and the practice will refund your premium in full.

Avoid expensive bills
The cost of replacing or repairing glasses is becoming increasingly expensive, and an eyewear policy only costs a minimal amount.

Includes unlimited repairs for the term of the cover (one or two years). Refer to your Product Disclosure Documents for full terms.